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Credit Card Protection & Alerts

Phoenixville Federal makes your financial peace of mind and security our utmost concern. Ensuring the security of your hard-earned money is non-negotiable. We’ve implemented a comprehensive collection of measures to keep your accounts safe from unauthorized activity.

Fraud Prevention: Our Commitment to You

At Phoenixville Federal, we stay one step ahead of potential threats, employing advanced technologies and industry best practices to safeguard your finances. Our detection systems work continuously in the background, analyzing account activity for any signs of unusual behavior. If anything seems amiss or suspicious, our system will promptly trigger alerts for your account, prompting our security team to take immediate action.

Stay Informed with Fraud Alerts

We understand the anxiety that fraudulent activities can bring, and we’re here to ease your concerns. Our proactive approach involves real-time alerts, keeping you informed about any questionable transactions on your account. If our system detects any unusual activity, we’ll send you an alert via your preferred communication method—SMS, email, or phone call. This allows you to take swift action if the charges weren’t authorized, ensuring your finances remain intact and secure.

Enhanced Fraud Detection: Staying Ahead of Scammers

Fraud activity and technology are constantly evolving, with scammers employing increasingly sophisticated tactics. One common threat is an account takeover, where scammers get access to your credentials and pose as you to change your account settings. Phoenixville Federal is actively combatting this threat, ensuring your account and card-level settings remain strengthened against unauthorized changes. We provide you with a smooth, seamless banking experience, without compromising on security.

Educational Empowerment Our Easy Investing Option

While our dedicated security measures are robust, we also believe in providing you with the knowledge to defend yourself against potential threats. A few steps are all it takes to bolster your credit card protection:


Stay Skeptical: Be cautious of any offers that require payment for prizes or gifts. Avoid foreign lotteries, as they are often used to deceive individuals.


Secure Transactions: When selling items, never accept checks above the selling price. If in doubt, suggest alternative payment methods like escrow services.


Be Wary of Requests: If a buyer insists on wiring back funds or asks for sensitive information, terminate the transaction immediately.


Immediate Reporting: Suspect counterfeit checks or fraudulent activity? Contact Phoenixville Federal right away. You can also report incidents to relevant agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission.

Defend Against Identity Theft

Identity theft can have long-lasting repercussions. To shield yourself against this threat, follow these precautions:


Selective Sharing: Only provide your Social Security number and other personal details when necessary.


Secure Disposal: Dispose of any financial records containing sensitive information using a paper shredder.


Monitor Consistently: Regularly review your credit report for unauthorized activities at the three national credit bureaus.


Mail Security: Secure your mailbox and retrieve your mail regularly.

Digital Vigilance: Never share credit card or personal information on unsecured websites.

Fraud and Credit Card Protection with Phoenixville Federal

At Phoenixville Federal Bank & Trust, we provide not only exceptional banking services but also unmatched peace of mind. With our advanced protection measures, robust fraud alerts, and knowledgeable expertise, you can confidently navigate the financial landscape, knowing your security is our priority. Partner with us today and experience banking as it should be: secure, seamless, and safe.


For any concerns, inquiries, or incidents related to fraud prevention, feel free to reach out to Chuck Benz, Senior Vice President / Chief Retail Banking Officer / Security Officer. Your security is our shared mission.